High on Waves

Swami Sivananda

All students should be given the treasure that belongs to them - the message of the ancient seers and yogis, a knowledge of India's most ancient system of yoga. Real education lies in the practice of yoga. Yoga enables you to develop your body, mind, heart, will and spirit harmoniously.


Yoga is for everybody - for the grownups as well as for the children, for the rich and the poor, for the clever and the dull, for the strong and the weak. There is not a person on earth who would not benefit from yoga, because there is not a soul on earth who does not want to be happy all the time.


Yoga gives you a broad outlook on life. It makes you feel that all the people in this world are your sisters and brothers. This is what is meant by 'world brotherhood' or 'universal fellowship'. You will not be fanatical but will love and respect all equally. Yoga education will make you a spiritual lighthouse, shedding light and goodwill on the world.