Sivananda Math Report

January–September 2002

The activities of Sivananda Math in Rikhia varied during January to September 2002. On Basant Panchami 67 girls, aged 6 to 12, from Rikhia panchayat were chosen from hundreds of girls who expressed their desire to learn English. On this occasion 800 students from Rikhia middle school were served a midday meal.

On Akshaya Tritiya, the sacred day when pooja of Lord Narayana commences at Badrinath Mandir in the Himalayas, 88 aged men were selected from Rikhia panchayat to receive a monthly stipend of Rs 201/-. These men have no other means of subsistence and some do not even have any relatives to care for them.

On Guru Poornima 750 students along with their teachers from Rikhia middle school received school bags, notebooks, stationery, toys and garments during the guru pooja held at Rikhia. On this occasion the children sang kirtan and recited Sanskrit stotras as a mark of respect and love for guru.

At the aadesh (order) of Swami Satyananda, the aradhana (worship) of 64 yoginis was performed at Rikhiadham in the holy month of Shravan, when hundreds of thousands of devotees flock to Deoghar to pour Ganga water on the jyotir linga of Baba Baidyanath. For this worship 64 girls from Rikhia panchayat were offered bhoj (food) for the entire month. On Shravan Poornima, which was also Raksha Bandhana, they were given a grand farewell when they tied rakhis to Swami Niranjan and were offered gifts and presents in the form of clothing, jewellery, sweets, books and dakshina.

In this sacred month, Jhoolan was held for the local villagers who were given a glimpse of Lord Krishna and Radha seated on a swing. This festival has an enthralling effect on anyone who attends. Enchanting kirtans were sung by the sannyasins of the ashram and stotras chanted by students from Ramakrishna Vidyapeeth.

Distributions from January to September 2002

Items received Recipient Village
Bajaj Auto Riksha Sukri Devya Nawadih
Hero Puch Power AXL Moped Munni Devi Nawadih
Financial aid
For rations Tetu amani Nawadih
For school materials New Career School Rikhia
Assorted seeds and fertilizers 164 farmers Rikhia panchayat
Gold and silver jewellery 67 girls Rikhia panchayat
Other valuables
Onida TV Munni Devi Nawadih
Items received Recipient Village
School bags, notebooks, colouring books, games, crayons, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners 469 students from New Career School Rikhia and neighbouring panchayats
Bags, folders, highlighters, pens, pencils, notebooks Teachers from New Career School Rikhia and neighbouring panchayats
School bags, notebooks, crayons, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, toys, garments 750 students from Rikhia Middle School Rikhia and neighbouring panchayats
Stationery, new clothes, accessories Teachers from Rikhia Middle School Rikhia and neighbouring panchayats
Stationery, new clothes, accessories Teachers from New Career School Rikhia and neighbouring panchayats
Pens 67 English students Rikhia panchayats
Recipient Village  
Pulkowa Kumari Balsara  
Guriya Kumari Beltikri  
Rubi Kumari Beltikri  
Milli Roy Chitkat  
Pinki Kumari Kusumdih  
Sunita Kumari Patthalgara  
Bebi Kumari Ratanpur  
Virma Kumari Tarabad  
Hand cart (cycle thela)
Panchu Ramani Nawadih  
Sochin Ramani Nawadih  
Good luck kit
Vasudev Rana Patthalgara  
Tetu Ramani Nawadih  
Cow and Calf
Giridhari Jha Harla Jori  
Aditya Narayan Thakur Amarva  
Sewing Machines
Dipa Devi Balsara  
Lalita Kumari Beltikri  
Kamal Devi Fatehpur  
Ranju Kumari Laxmania Tar  
Renuka Devi Laxmania Tar  
Mamta Kumari Tarabad  
Clothing and utensils
Clothing and utensils were distributed to over 5000 people from the villages of Rikhia, Fatehpur, Balsara and Bara Panchayat.
Mass feeding
Meals for 800 students from Rikhia Middle School on Basant Panchami Rikhia and neighbouring panchayats  
Bhoj for Nawadih village Nawadih  
1 month bhoj for 64 yoginis from 25.7.02 to 22.8.02 Rikhia panchayat  
Old age stipend scheme
Old age stipend for 88 aged men Rikhia panchayat  

Sivananda Charitable Dispensary

From January to September 2002 the rural clinic treated patients from Rikhia and neighbouring panchayats for tuberculosis, malnourishment, digestive and respiratory disorders, ENT, urinary, reproductive ailments as well as skin and other bacterial and viral infections.

Medicines for this service were donated by: Mr and Mrs Kane, Mumbai, Mr Vivek Gupta, Mumbai, Dr Madhusudan Prasad, Dhanbad, Dr Verma, Kolkata, Satyananda Ashram, Greece, Mrs Indra Jalan, Kolkata, Dr Vaishali, New Delhi, Dr Vidyamurti, Lucknow, Satyadarshan Yoga Ashram, Raipur, and Dr B.K. Singh, Dhanbad.

Seva was offered by Dr Nayak, Deoghar, Mr P.C. Rateria, Kolkata, Drs Neeraj and Chandana Dixit, New Delhi, Drs Madhusudan and Geeta Prasad, Dhanbad, Dr Vidyamurti, Lucknow, Dr Verma, Kolkata, Dr Satyapriya, Australia, Dr Vaishali, New Delhi, Dr Narendra Sinha, Patna, as well as karma yogis who came from time to time. Dr Yogapratap, the resident physician, directed all the activities of the clinic throughout the year and the following is a brief summary of its programs.

New patients Old (follow up) patients
M F Total M F Total
Adults 1026 1270 2296 1446 1808 3254
Children <18 438 426 864 615 479 1094
Total 1464 1696 3160 2061 2287 4348
Grand total 7508
New patients Old (follow up) patients
M F Total M F Total
Adults 146 61 207 41 21 62
Children <18 27 13 40 7 6 13
Total 173 74 247 48 27 75
Grand total 322
Medical aid
Full medical treatment and cost of appendix operation Kiran Kumari Lorhia
Assorted medicines - 2 boxes Sardar Hospital Deoghar

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has in some way or other helped Sivananda Math to serve those who have no one to care for them. If you wish to extend your support in any way contact:

Sivananda Math,
PO Rikhia,
Dist Deoghar,
Jharkhand 811412