High on Waves

Swami Muktananda Saraswati

The rhythm of the washing machine
The rhythm of life
Round and round
Cycle after cycle


Rung out – strung out – washed out
Limp rag flapping in the sunshine
Light shine – God shine – brilliant light
Soft breeze – fresh air – breathe
Breathe deep


Puff out all the creases
Fill with light – fill with breath
The breath of life – the breath of light


The warmth – the heat
Rejuvenate – relax – absorb
Carefree – renewed
And when rejuvenated, a new process
Or is it an old one?
Life continues


The garment has been restored
Ready to be worn again
The life has been rested – resurrected
Ready to re-enter the cycles
Of wear and tear – wash and wear
Until the garment has worn out completely
Or did you just grow out of it?


The wearer – the life bearer
Awaits the appointment of a new garment
Life – death
The cycles continue