High on Waves

Sannyasi Chintanshuddi

Spirit of Sita

She watched in silence, this royal fair,
But I doubt if anyone noticed her there,
And when shadows fell into evening gloom
Still her eyes sought the eyes of her groom.


O! Sarees of silk – cups of gold!
But Sita laughed beyond this Earth's fold.
No jewels wore she – no ornaments proud,
She wandered barefoot through the regal crowd.


I caught her scent one moment long,
She whispered to me her wedding song.
I heard of days past, of sunlit calm,
When Sita wedded her sweet Lord Ram.


As dusk closed in and the air grew pale
I thought I saw Sita lift her soft veil,
But before I could shine my candlelight
Her spirit faded into the night ...