The Eternal Lila

Swami Sambuddhananda Saraswati

Lights, Camera, Speed, Action!

Again a sublime and festive production by Paramahamsaji. A celebration made not only for the external senses, but also one with many subtle levels of experience for everyone. With all the hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world and neighbouring villages, we were like one family at a momentous family occasion.

Receiving bride sets of beautifully sequinned red and pink sarees, sparkling gold bracelets and bejewelled nose rings, etc. gave a joy that would be reflected in the bride herself. A gift not only of material items, but also a gift saying, “You are worthy of all this, you are a beautiful and sacred human being.”

We experienced that the Divine can be celebrated in many fashions – a Christian Mass with female priests – unorthodox to those living by a book but sacred to God. A Shakti yajna performed by devout yoginis, bestowing energy to all and empowering womankind.

Finally, an extraordinary and wondrous marriage ceremony of two innocent souls, reconciling the earthly and the Divine. This brings into focus a new beginning for balanced partnerships. Then the birth of a new generation of loving and harmonized human beings – a society eventually at peace.

In that excuse for an event, Paramahamsaji sowed seeds of love and respect for one's fellow woman and man. That a caring attitude to all your neighbours is worth more than one hundred years of tapasya in Mother Ganga. It is a message desperately needed for all of us in an age dominated by the little self, by power, corruption and the money it brings.

If we can live whatever messages we received from Sita Kalyanam, we will be giving respect to what Paramahamsaji is trying to impart to us.