New Year Sankalpa

Swami Niranjan, 1st January, 1998

Knowledge is of two types:
One is linear – knowing by acquiring
information or intellectual understanding;
The other is living knowledge,
experience, direct cognition or wisdom.
One is the collection of dead facts and concepts;
The other is realization of truth.
The difference between the two
is that of darkness and light.


Intellectual understanding
is not real knowledge,
Rather it is a delusion
Which conceals the ignorance.
By the misapprehension
of words and concepts
It is forgotten that
this type of knowledge is ignorance.
Intellectual knowledge is, therefore,
more dangerous than ignorance.

By becoming aware of one's ignorance,
one can rise above it.
But as long as intellectual understanding
is accepted as real knowledge,
It is very difficult to become free of it.
True knowledge does not come from without,
It unfolds and arises from within.


Due to acquired knowledge
the mind is forcibly moulded,
And that conditioning is never compatible
with one's inner nature.
There always remains a conflict
between knowledge, action and life.


By true knowledge, derived from direct experience,
The conduct, thought and personality
are easily attuned.
The existence of life opposed
to such knowledge is impossible.


Therefore, in the coming year,
Make a resolve to put into practice all that you know,
In order that experiential knowledge
may arise from within.
In this effort faith and conviction
are your greatest support.