The Path of the Brave

Spiritual life is long, strenuous, barren and fruitless at its very outset. It is a plunge into the unknown, therefore uncertain. One has to strive, strive and strive sometimes for lives and lives together! It needs constant vigilance and care. It is a mission fit for heroes. Coward's and timid people will find it terribly hard and hot. Bold and brave soldiers alone can undertake this mission. Emotional and passionate individuals will find it troublesome. After all, who can bear the rigours of vairagya?

But, with all that which has been said, it is an irrefutable fact that spiritual life alone is the ultimate destiny of all. Knowing this, when we embrace spiritual life, we must keep this fact before our mind; that activities are not to be given up and responsibilities are not to be shared. An uphill task, isn't it?

This truth must open your eyes, my child!