On High Waves

Swami Shankarananda Saraswati

Who is He, enduring Panchagni in the sun?
Who is He, sitting naked in the cold?
Who is He, on whom the black clouds pour
and the air blows continuously?


His body is besmeared with ash,
yet still it glows as if a golden lotus
and just emerged from snow,
A childlike smile is dancing on His lips
and when His red eyes open
the god of death becomes afraid.
Who is He?


When I come before Him
no desire remains within my mind.
No doubt appears within my intellect.
My 'I' gets untold peace
while lying at His feet.
Who is He?


Is He a yogi, a yati
a siddha, or a tapasvi?
Or is He a great Avadhoot,
or Lord Shiva Himself
who has incarnated in this human form
performing tapas for humanity?