Self-Development Through Yoga

A Camp Report

The 'Self-Development Through Yoga' program held at Indian Oil Corporation, Barauni Refinery began with an intensive session from 28.3.89 to 31.3.89, conducted by Swamis from the Bihar School of Yoga. From the initial group, seventeen students joined the Refresher Course on 3.11.89, organized by H. R. D. Barauni.

After this program the students were requested to complete multiple-choice questionnaires which give very interesting insights into their attitudes and experiences. The questionnaires were mainly designed to clarify the effects of the yoga practices and to establish some background knowledge about the students.

The introductory questionnaire was designed to establish the regularity of practice. Sixteen students responded, the results being as follows:

Practice Daily Alt. Days Weekly None No Response
Asana 14 - 1 1 -
Pranayama 13 - 2 1 -
Dhyana 10 2 3 1 -
Yoga Nidra 8 2 3 1 -
Hatha Kriyas - 1 5 6 4

The majority of the questionnaires elicited only one response from the students. Questions concerned the effects of yoga in various fields. Responses were as follows:

Effects On Sufficient Benefit Some Benefit No Benefit No Response
Digestion 6 4 4 1
Breath 1 3 1 10
Pain in back and joints 4 3 1 7
Headache, Cough, Cold 5 2 4 4
Irritability, Anger, Dissatisfaction 10 1 1 3
Discontent, Jealousy, Ego, Selfishness 13 1 - 1
Coping with Tension at work 14 - 1 -
Working efficiency - 15 - -

In regard to any difficulties the students experienced with their personal sadhana, the following information was given. Each student was free to give more than one response.

Difficulties Poor balance Fatness Short breath Heartbeat accelerates Pain None
General 1 4 2 3 3 8


Difficulties No Relaxation Not 1 Pointed No body Stillness No Difficulties
Dhyana (Meditation) 4 7 3 6

As a result of their experiences with yoga sadhana the students' opinions were as follows:

  Sufficient Some Benefit No Benefit No Response
Opnions on:        
Yoga Nidra 9 5 1 0
Whole Program 15 - - -
Opnions on:        
Family 12 0 1 2
Yourself 12 - 1 2

These results show the general enthusiasm of the students for their practices and the beneficial effects received in the personal, family and in professional spheres. The most marked personal benefits were shown to be in the mental and emotional areas, even though the students showed greater regularity in the asana/pranayama aspects than in yoga nidra and dhyana, which are more advanced practices.

In questions where students could give more than one response, fifteen stated that they thought everyone should practise yoga, ten also stated that women and children should practise, and one stated that sick and convalescent people should practise.

The final meeting was particularly enthusiastic with students voting thanks to Swami Niranjanananda, president of the Bihar School of Yoga and Mr Pathnaik, General Manager of Barauni Oil Refinery, for organizing the program, and assured Swami Omkarananda that they would continue with their yoga sadhana for self-development.