High on Waves

Swami Yogananda Saraswati (a Senior Sannyasin of BSY)

A sannyasins life is the best of the lot
If money's in the bank, or there is not
Or favourite food for the cooking pot
Or he gets money right on the dot -
He's happy to have the little he's got.

A cloth to wear, and his food to share
He may go bearded or shave off his hair
But should troubles come, he knows how to bear
He knows that God's will is just and fair
So he's willing to do, what others don't dare.

He's not tied to a home
So he's free to roam
And he much prefers to be on his own
As he renounced family, there is none to moan
Or rake up the past with a fine-tooth comb.

He can beg for his food, or go without
He has no need to whisper and no need to shout
If he's welcome at a door, or gets thrown out
He accepts it all, he's calm throughout -
He's become even-minded, there is no doubt.

Who wants money? Who needs a home?
Why seek for security? It's best on one's own
For then one is free to help those who groan.
A sannyasin is free of society's moan -
Being under God's will, he is never alone.

For God walks with him, by day and by night
HE is by his side, and so there is light
He can see what is just, and what is right
Without any need to shout or to fight -
Being with God, he knows greater insight.

Who else is sick of the whole society?
Become a sannyasin and learn to be free -
Free of social restraints and cupidity
As a sannyasin, you're not bound, you're free
And free to be true to your own Self, you'll see.