Devi Puja

Swami Atmamuktananda Saraswati

Worship me, the Devi
With garlands of bright flowers,
With incense fragrant and soft.
Feed me, the Devi
With fresh fruits and sweet offerings
So pleasing and tasty.
Chant to me, the Devi
The secrets of mantra
And sing me the melodious tunes of devotion.
Wash me, the Devi
With waters holy
And adorn my body with gay raiment.
Then, offering these oblations,
Dissolve yourself in me.
For I am the Great Mahadevi,
Mother of the Universe,
Nourisher of Life,
Expression of the Divine.
I dwell in the infinite sky
In and beyond the power of thought.
Seek me, the Devi
In that which is formless, colourless and senseless,
And in that which has form, colour and sense,
In that which is neither day nor night,
And that which is both day and night.
Then having obtained my cosmic vision,
Fly with me, the Devi
Into the supreme freedom
Of untainted consciousness,
Where no word is ever uttered.