High on Waves

Swami Yogananda Saraswati

The life goes on, even as Ganga flows
Though the sails hang limply
When feebly the wind blows.
But ever Ganga flows
With or without a breeze
And duty ever beckons,
Even now, without a cease.

For the inspiration of all people
Who don't yet know the way to live
But the message must reach out to them
And the word spread far and wide
That still there is hope for everyone
And a bright light, other than the sun.

It's the light of yoga, uniting all
In a union of souls in peace and bliss,
With blessings, and a change of roles
To a higher concept and way of living,
And a greater power on earth descending
To fulfil dharma and inspire hearts united.

In the spirit of yoga
Peace and bliss are undivided
And there is no separation,
For in essence, we all are one.
But for joy, we appear manifold.