The Heights of Yoga

Bhagavad Gita

He who works not for an earthly reward,
But does the work to be done,
He is a sannyasi, He is a yogi;
Because the sannyasi of renunciation
Is also the yogi of holy work;
And no man can be a yogi who surrenders not
His earthly will.
When the sage climbs the heights of yoga,
He follows the path of work;
But when he reaches the heights of yoga;
He is in the land of peace.
And he reaches the heights of yoga
When he surrenders his earthly will;
When he is not bound by the work of his senses,
And he is not bound by his earthly works.
When his soul is in peace, he is in peace
And then his soul is in God.
In cold or in heat, in pleasure or pain,
In glory or disgrace,
He is ever in Him.