High on Waves

Swami Rama Tirtha

Myself, the self, is all to me,
The body, whither it goes, what care I,
If tossed here and there, or left to die.
I am freedom's Self, let the body, as salt-sea spray,
Be dashed hither and thither or up and away!
Come on, ye pleasures, come on, ye pains!
To me ye are equal, the same, the same.
The sun lights the gardens, as well as the waste,
Alike I do light all changes of fate.
Vast ocean of heaven-blue, pure and high,
Is ne'er affected, clouds rise and die.
Life or death, and health or disease,
In me, like vapours rise, play and cease.
The smooth brow of youth, and the wrinkles of age,
Are surface figures on me as a page.
Success or failure makes no difference to me,
For I am free. I am free, I am free!
All planets, suns, stars and skies,
My twineless kite of Liberty,
Leaves far behind and higher flies,
With full breast sing I songs of glee:
I am free, I am free, I am free!
The world, the world is naught to me.