Cause of all Pain

Swami Gurutirthananda Saraswati

Whatever pains one may be suffering in life, they are usually the result of continuous tensions. Even the toothache comes from tension. Although diet and lifestyle have some role to play, it is the tensions which play the major part.

In this world there are as many kinds of tensions as there are numbers of people. And each person has a different type of tension and pain. Of course, these tensions may be due to various factors, but the basic one is suppression, especially of the more negative and violent emotions such as anger, fear and jealousy. Suppression of such emotions leads to deep seated tensions which result in terrible diseases.

Therefore, every person must know how to remove the root cause of tension. The easiest way to do this is through surrender to God or guru. Then you are free of the burden. This, however, requires some training and you must live the ashram life for a fixed period of time. Then your constant pains will change into constant joy and anandam.

There is one more important point which must be understood by the sadhaka or seeker. When the pain and suffering reach their utmost intensity, it is at that point that you will experience samadhi. So do not be sad and miserable because you have to bear pain and suffering. If you are very lucky, it will help you to attain something which is totally unobtainable from all the pleasures of worldly life.