Singing and Praising

Miss M. Jacob, Retd. Educ. Service Bihar

Oh, that we could reason less about our troubles, and sing and praise more! There are thousands of things that shackle our awareness which we might use to draw forth the music of life, if only we knew how.

There are men that ponder and meditate, weigh the affairs of life, and then wonder why they should always be burdened, thwarted and hampered. How different and how much more joyful would their lives be, if, instead of forever indulging in self-revolving and inward thinking, they would take their experiences, day by day, and lift them up, and praise God for them.

We can sing our cares away more easily than we can reason them away. Oh, that we might sing morning and evening, letting song touch song all day through.

'Don't let the song go out of your life
Though it may flow in a minor strain;
You will find one day it will blend again,
With the major tone that you know.

Though shadows rise and obscure life's skies,
And hide for a time the sun,
Soon they will lift and reveal the rift,
If you let the melody run.

Don't let the song go out of your life;
Though the voice may have lost its trill,
If a tremulous note may die in your throat,
Let it sing in your spirit still.

Don't let the song go out of your life;
Let it sing in the soul while here;
And going hence, it will follow you thence,
And live on in another sphere.'