Key to Kirtan

Swami Gurutirthananda Saraswati

  1. Kirtan allows free expression of the body, mind and soul, and comes foremost amongst all other sadhanas.
  2. Kirtan is a complete practice within itself and requires no other sadhana.
  3. Kirtan gives total relaxation and leads to the experience of higher consciousness.
  4. Kirtan is the quickest and easiest way to achieve God-realisation in the Kali Yuga.
  5. The word kirtan is made up of two roots: ki and ratana. Ratana means 'jewels', and ki is 'key'. Therefore, kirtan is the key to the inner jewels.
  6. Kirtan is the direct means of contacting and experiencing the supreme self as a living reality.
  7. Kirtan is the link between bhakta and God.
  8. Kirtan requires no spiritual qualifications or commitments and can be practised by all.
  9. Kirtan completes one's spiritual life. A well known Sanskrit sloka says that a person without sangita and sahitya is like cattle without horns and tail.
  10. Kirtan is effective, whether sung internally without making any sound, or externally in a group.
  11. Kirtan is a personal experience which is felt by the inner being. No one can guess when you do kirtan in your heart. It is the song of the soul.
  12. Kirtan stirs kundalini, and pushes it further on.
  13. Kirtan is highly therapeutic. All kinds of diseases can be cured by its stimulating vibrations. Proof can be found in the past and experiments are still going on.
  14. Kirtan is purely scientific and works wonders regardless of one's faith and religion.
  15. Kirtan removes doubts and opens the mind to a new realm of existence. It is the most infallible remedy for infectious, negative thoughts and mental disorders.
  16. Kirtan brings one straight to samadhi, the highest aim of human life. Immersed in kirtan, the monkey mind looses its grip on the consciousness, and thus an end is put to its antics. As it becomes captivated and enraptured, the consciousness enters total one-pointedness.
  17. Kirtan is not an ordinary song and dance. You should understand what is called kirtan. Kirtan is the repetition of short, specific mantras. They are the mantras of the cosmic vibration and represent the entire play of creation: Om - the universal sound; Brahma - the creator playing the manjeera (cymbals); Shiva - the transformer, performing the cosmic dance. Therefore we sing 'Om Namo Narayana', 'Sri Rama Jaya Rama', 'Hare Krishna', 'Radhe Govinda'...
  18. Numerous saints and bhaktas like Mira, Surdas, Kabir, Ramdas, etc. experienced the supreme reality simply by singing such simple kirtans.
  19. Kirtan is so effective and penetrating that words cannot express its significance. It must be experienced to be understood.
  20. Anyone can try the kirtans from our 'Siddha Prarthana'. I have experienced the effects of these kirtans. Strange vibrations spread all over the body and feelings of anandam come into the mind. These vibrations and feelings help to purify the thoughts and bring sacred love to all. They remove feelings of hatred and anger for others and bring us closer to universal peace and brotherhood.