Tulsi: the Wonder Oil

G. Swaminathan

The tulsi is not merely a holy plant. It has several medicinal uses which have yet to be widely recognized.

Wearing a tulsi plant mala it is believed, prevents any evil effect on the body, while its medicinal value helps the body fight most types of ordinary and dangerous diseases. The tulsi plant has a curative value that has so far not been taken seriously.

Six years ago, I was sinking in health and felt fatigued due to chain smoking as well as high blood pressure. I started using tulsi extract added to other herbal vanaspathi extracts and boiled in til oil. I can now sincerely vouch that I have not only recovered from high blood pressure and cardiac vascular trouble, but I feel quite hale and healthy after regular usage of tulsi oil.

Tulsi is a native divine plant both worshipped and used in every Hindu house in the olden days for home medicinal preparations by our elders, who knew its medical value. Tulsi is easily and abundantly available in our country.

In support of the above, based on my own experiment, I would like to refer to various doctors' opinions as well as the therapeutic value obtained by clinical trial on the tulsi plant. Thereby, the public will know the advantages of using tulsi, to avoid the high cost of modern drugs.

In an article in the Indian Express, Bombay, dated 17.5.78, Mr Mahubhai Vyas from Ahmedabad states that tulsi can cure diseases like cancer, heart and kidney ailments, chronic bronchitis, cardiac asthma and leucoderma which are considered incurable. According to Dr Upendraraj J. Sandesara, a medical practitioner, who after over three decades of research and treatment of a large number of patients by the tulsi therapy, further claims that skin diseases, disorders of the blood, malaria, urinary disorders, chronic cold, arthritis, low and high blood pressure, piles, liver and children's diseases, can now be cured by the proper use of this plant.

Tulsi oil is processed with seven other ingredients extracted from green vanaspathi and seeds which have potential medical value, using til oil as the base. The seeds have the effect of soothing the mucus membrane. They are diuretic, nourishing and help produce breast milk. Sesame is very useful in toning up the reproductory system and particularly in low male fertility. Til oil is considered best for purposes of massage as well as for cooking. According to the ayurvedic system, til oil is much better than peanut oil. It is good for the throat, and aids menstrual flow. It is a good tonic for the heart.

A release by the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda from Madras says that the results of screening so far available, show the drug potential of the tulsi plant (ocimum sanctum) in the treatment of cardiac condition, cancer, virus, infections and stress.

Courtesy Pemba, July 1980