High on Waves

Swami Yogananda Saraswati

Try to view life like a rainbow in the sky One end reaching to earth, the other rising high And while you are looking at the rainbow's hues Remember that colour can affect all your views.

See the colour in your life, even if you're feeling blue The sky above is azure, but it's not sad like you Colours in life can make or mar your day So let bright golden sunshine light up your way.

What colour predominates your own view of life Is it brown, is it blue, or sunny and bright? Remember the rainbow's perfection in the sky And remembering, lift yourself also high.

Make use of the rainbow that is in your life For life is full of colour, it is we who make strife To him who sees darkly, the world's a dark thing Lift your eyes to the skies and let your heart sing.

See the beauty in life, see colour everywhere Don't let jaundice discolour the beauty that's there If you're feeling down, don't also feel 'brown' But lift yourself upwards, removing that frown.

Colour brightens the world and will brighten your day Forget that blue feeling, let the sun's golden ray Pour light on the darkness that's dimming your view Become aware of the rainbow that's surrounding you.