Pioneer Research in Spain

Swami Santaram Saraswati, director of Satyanandashram, Barcelona, Spain, has been coordinating research into yoga with the help of Dr Emilio Gastaner, head neurologist of the Dept. of Electroencephalography, City General Hospital Francisco Franco, Barcelona.

In their preliminary investigations they used the mantra aum, pronouncing it in different ways. The mantra was chanted aloud and recorded by a computer which broke down the various frequencies (spectral analysis) and interpreted them according to their effects on the brainwaves. The following results were recorded:

  1. The sound 'ooo...' forms a perfectly clear alpha wave on the electronic screen. This means the first sound of the mantra aum produces alpha waves in the brain.
  2. The sound 'mmm...' forms a perfectly clear theta wave, indicating that theta is induced by this sound.

Swami Santaram reports that Spanish scientists are finding that the mantra aum has fantastic potential as yet unimagined by scientists there.

Further investigations have also been carried out in which Swami Santaram was measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG) while performing shavasana. The result of this test is appended.


Dictated 23rd November 1977

The electroencephalograph in relaxation (simple shavasana) showed an alpha intensity very well synchronized and coherent in the posterior areas of the brain, without any signs of pathological or metabolic disorders.

The brainwaves slowed down proportionately without any alteration in the nervous system reactivity or in the topographical distribution of frequencies.

During the polygraphy (the measuring of brain waves), a continuously sustained synchronization of the posterior alpha waves was observed which always maintained itself at ten Hz (average frequency).

At the end of twenty minutes of shavasana, a slowing down of the respiratory rhythm was observed. During the recording of the whole polygraphy, the alpha frequencies maintained perfectly Stable synchronization.

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