Experiences in Yoga

Olga Pedersen, Sweden

'I have an under active thyroid and even with medication I found I was sleeping eighteen hours a day. I was listless, had no energy for friends, and could barely work for four hours a day. Six months ago I started yoga practices concentrating on those which are most beneficial for the thyroid: surya namaskara, sarvangasana, halasana, supta vajrasana, jalandhara bandha, vastra dhauti and kunjal. Now I am nearly back to normal. My sleeping time is reduced to half; I am able to work for eight hours a day, and I have started seeing my friends again. Yoga has brought me out of a long sleep and I am starting to enjoy life once again.'

Nora Ingills, U.K.

'I am an elderly lady and have been suffering from arthritis due partly to bad tension for many years. Being unable to do pawanmuktasana because of the pain, I started yoga therapy with one hour of yoga nidra daily. In addition to the usual body awareness, visualization etc. my practice included feeling and directing the flow of prana with ujjayi throughout the system, especially to those parts affected by arthritis. Now I feel more relaxed and my condition has improved to the extent that I am no longer dependent on pain relieving pills.'

John Anderson, Australia

'Two years ago I lost my business and nearly had a nervous breakdown. To get through the crisis my doctor put me on tranquillizers and sleeping pills which I continued to take until three months ago. I didn't like the idea of being dependent on these drugs, but I couldn't relax or get to sleep without them. Finally a friend suggested that I take up yoga. I enrolled in yoga classes and was amazed to find that after each session I was feeling more relaxed and energetic than I had felt since I was a child. I started to practice yoga nidra before sleeping and awoke feeling so refreshed that it was really a pleasure to get out of bed. I cut down on the drugs and am now off them completely. Recently I started to practice pranayama and meditation which help to keep me relaxed all day. I am doing well in my new work and am feeling optimistic again.'