High on Waves

You have to mount a white swan
Make sure that you're balanced and firm.
If you sit in the right way
His feathers will feel warm and comfortable.
Then fly through the dark night of chidakash.

Thousands of light years ahead of you is a small light point
That is what you must fix your mind upon.
You will cross many oceans of samskaras,
Mountains of thoughts and valleys of depression.

The swan flies high and fast.
But if you look down and take interest in the things below
Your weight will slow him down.
When that happens the world becomes more clear.
On the surface of the ocean you will see people laughing,
Swimming, playing, waving their hands to you.
With promising smiles they will try to call you down.
If you get involved the swan will faint
And drop you into the water.

Some of the hilltops may look lovely from above
Trees laden with ripe fruits of many different kinds
Shady meadows and small brooks
Birds and butterflies playing amongst the flowers,
Everything looks beautiful and perfect.
But if these views light the candle of desire within you,
The swan will twist, turn and drop you down.

In the fields rich with golden harvest, young strong people
Working and laughing will point at you
And try to persuade you to come down.
If you yield, you'll be lost again.
But if you're firm with your thoughts and emotions,
Able to block the patterns of your mind,
The swan will fly high over oceans, mountains and valleys
The dark night will change its face many times.
Blue, black, red, yellow, countless colours will appear.
The moon and the stars will dance before you.
As the swan flies on, straight as an arrow shot from a bow,
The light point gradually grows bigger the closer you come,
One by one your clothes all fall off
The coverings of attachment, anger, greed, jealousy.
First you feel naked and cold until you discover
That the point of light is the rising sun.

Drawing nearer you are blinded by its rays
You try to hold back but find you cannot.
The light is too strong for our weak eyes
But the swan is obsessed by its magic power and flies on.
As he pierces through the nucleus of the sun
Drums start beating, voices start singing
Strong vibrations of different kinds surround you
The light of the sun covers you with a shining mantle
Then you enter my kingdom and meet the children of eternity.

Don't think this is just a fairytale or a dream
It is as true as the world or you and I.
For I have seen it with my own eyes.
These might appear as black words printed on a white paper
But they are pregnant with truth.
Everything is found within, nothing is impossible.
Understand this and the way will be open to you.