Sound Therapy

Dr M. Mitra

Sound in the form of mantras has great potential as a healing agent. The ancient rishis knew this and formulated a vast number of mantras for treating specific diseases. This science of sound has been almost forgotten; we feel that it is about time it was revived and investigated by scientific research and experiment. The following information came in a letter from Dr M. Mitra, Medical Officer, IISCO Ore Mines Hospital, Gua, Singhbhum, Bihar.

I am doing research into mantras and their capability of curing ailments. Mantras are packets or bundles of pronounceable and audible sound waves. Recent research done on sound has clearly shown its therapeutic value. For example, information from an authentic source confirms the miraculous power of ultrasonic waves to kill the bacteria that cause diphtheria and tuberculosis, and so on within a few minutes. Also milk and water are being successfully sterilized by ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic methods are being used for bone cutting and bone welding, dissection of soft tissue and so forth. Russian scientists have stated that there is a very bright future for ultrasonic techniques in the surgery of blood vessels and endocrine glands.

While going through your book Meditations from the Tantras, I found a mantra given for the alleviation of pox and another for naturalizing the effects of venom after a snake bite. These mantras come from tantric and vedic texts and confirm that our forefathers were fully aware of the tremendous potential of sound vibration in curing ailments.

Both smallpox and chicken pox are caused by pox viruses which are very minute and pass through filters. They can only be seen by an electron microscope. To the present time there is no anti-viral drug known anywhere in the world which is capable of killing these viruses in the body.

Once the virus killing power of the specific pox mantra is proved, either in test tubes or in the body, research can be carried out for finding and using specific mantras for killing other virus types such as rabies, poliomyelitis, encephalitis and so forth. This will bring great benefits to mankind.

I anticipate that sound therapy is going to revolutionize medical science in the near future. Ailments could be cured by telephone or tape recorder with the doctor in one country and the patient in another part of the world.

Mantras have power; of this there is no doubt. It is interesting to note that an ancient mantra designed to produce fire was tested in India in 1975. To the surprise of all present, the sound waves indeed created fire as promised by the ancient rishis. Other mantras also have inherent power to bring about physical and psychic changes.

A mantra can only bring effects, however, if a person has developed perfection in the particular mantra through anusthana (sustained repetition). This is called mantra siddhi. Details of the methods to attain perfection in mantra are given in various scriptures, but for greater efficacy they are usually passed on by word of mouth. This needs investigation with regard to mantra therapy.

Mantra therapy could be a cure for ailments which are currently regarded as incurable. Once the disease curing capacity of mantras is proved, it is a short step to scientific investigation of the underlying principles of all mantras. This will lead to creation of new mantras for all types of diseases and will revolutionize medical science.

Note: Dr Mitra is currently doing his own research into the mantric treatment of snakebite poisoning. Anybody who has personal experience in the use of mantras for healing purposes should either contact us, or Dr Mitra direct. This will help to rediscover and scientifically investigate the ancient science of mantra therapy. (Editor)