What Neti Does

In response to the Neti article in last month's 'Yoga' Dr Brajagopal Bose MBBS (Cal) TDD (Cal), who is at present working with the ashram in Monghyr, has given us the following information on how neti works.

  1. The current of saline solution in neti creates negative pressure (suction) by syphonic action at the openings of the frontal, ethmoidal and maxillary paranasal Kinases. This helps drainage of accumulated secretions and products of infection.
  2. Neti removes the crusts from the nasal mucosa. It improves and tones up the circulation, which facilitates:
    • a) action of lasozyme on the inhaled bacteria.
    • b) flooding the mucosa with circulating antibodies and phagocytes.
    • c) proper humidifying and warming of the air current before it goes into the lungs.
    • d) sufficient filtering by the hair tuft.
  3. Removal of the blocks from the nasal passage prevents mouth breathing which is responsible for upper and lower respiratory infections.
  4. Removal of septic foci (sinustis) cures many ailments associated with it such as muscle and joint pains, lassitude, headaches, irritability etc.
  5. Healthy paranasal sinuses improve phonation.
  6. Attacks of asthma or respiratory allergic conditions are minimized.