Swami Yogamudrananda Saraswati

People complete their duties in the office, shop or business centre, and return to their homes in the evening. At home they find many fresh problems awaiting them. The daughters-in-law have paid a visit. One son has failed in an examination. Another son didn't gain admission into the medical college. The end of the month is approaching and there is no oil in the house. It is the first of the month so milk, curd and provision bills must be paid. These and thousands of similar problems beset a householder. What can he possibly do to escape them? Some lucky people from Monghyr know that there is a yogashram nearby. Swamiji gives satsang, and they think of going there. Some people from farther away bring their wives, sons, daughters and all their problems to the ashram. Others come alone feeling that they are lucky to escape the home situation with their lives.

One evening devotees were sitting at satsang on the front lawn. Many people had come and new topics came up for discussion. Sometimes Swamiji addressed them and spoke in simple fashion. People's queries were often answered thus, without being posed at all. Sometimes people would ask questions.

An old man of experience who had lost all his hair fighting the battles of daily life asked, "Swamiji, you are giving sannyasa to all these young people for whom you must make such strict rules to live by; they need constant discipline. I don't understand why you haven't chosen more experienced people to carry on your mission. Those who are retired would work and serve you far better than these children who must be thinking a lot about worldly pleasures and ambition."

Swamiji listened to the old man attentively. When he had finished, Swamiji said, "These boys are like new tyres. They can go as long and as far as I need them to. When I press down on the accelerator, they will run fast. But these retired people you talk about cannot do this. Having faced all the problems of a householder, they are already tired, on top of that they have re-tired as well. What work can I extract from those who are tired and re-tired?"

Everyone at satsang started laughing, and those who were tired went back to their homes refreshed.