High on Waves

Don't Call Me God

I am nothing but a replica of you,
Why do they call me god?
I am nothing but your inspiration,
Before I was a sod.
You made me everything I am,
You never told me why.
Mow people always come to me,
Their love for you to satisfy.

If God is eternal, then know I have died.
If God is bliss then know I have cried.
If God is purity from the source,
Then know that I have suffered remorse,
If God's grace is given, then know mine was not,
For my life was a struggle , and know I have fought.

I will not answer to his name again.
By calling me him, his love you won't win.
So leave me in peace, I'm tired of lies,
For your questions, I have no replies.
If God is me, then after sunrise
My form you would see crossing the skies.

They say God knows all, they say he is wise.
Only fools come to me, that much I surmise.
For I know nothing, from me you can't gain,
My intellect is tired, it's on the wane.

Some people say that God's will is law.
If that is so, then I too am in awe,
By his power of thought, the universe he designed.
Believe me such a will could never be mine.

God is omnipotent, from him all has grown.
And I am a beggar, but my name is known.
God is unchanging, but from youth I grew old.
So don't call me God, I'm just his clay mould.