Advice to Aspirants

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Aspirants should keep the mind pure and life disciplined and restrained. In family life they give full scope to peace, tranquillity and cooperation. They are benevolent and of service to others. They should be forceful in their karmas, sweet and soft in their speech. They should be balanced in food habits, simple in dressing up and above all they should be highly knowledgeable. These aspects should be thoroughly taken care of. They are fundamental elements and secrets of success in day-to-day life.

Aspirants should be blissful, full of joy and exalted in spirit, learn to live in happiness and contentment and allow others to live that way. This is the perception and realization of ‘satyam’.

Aspirants should neither do back-biting nor listen to it; not think evil nor do harm to anyone. They should avoid harshness and help the sick, poor, helpless, aggrieved and widows. They must stop extravagance, and instead write the personal Ramayana of their own life, not Tulsi Ramayana. People should do pooja of human qualities instead of worshipping temples; learn to respect and worship restraint, instead of involvement in bhoga, enjoyment.

Aspirants should display calmness and mildness instead of harshness. The world is brimming with crores of sermons, but what I have mentioned is enough for this life. Oceans have an immense amount of water but just a little bit is good enough to live by.