Thank You


Hari Om,

I would like to thank Swamiji for always being the guiding force, even though I have never met him. I just received diksha from him many years ago in Mumbai.

Yoga has been something that is so fast to discover that I will never get bored of it.

And on this Guru Poornima I felt like sending Swamiji a mail to thank him for silently guiding and inspiring me.

Thank you

Nekshan, Mumbai

Hari Om,

I watched a Door Darshan program on TV where a panel of doctors gave expert advice on home management of Covid symptoms. Dr Raheja, in that panel, clearly mentioned doing yoga nidra twice a day to ensure that inflammations are reduced in the stressed out bodies of Covid patients. This indicates that yoga has indeed come out as a ray of hope in a turbulent time.

Sannyasi Devjyoti, Delhi