God’s Grace and Blessings

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Whether it is called kripa, ashirvad or anugraha, in essence it is the same. There is no sense in worrying. One should establish the connection with God daily and see his blessings. Sri Krishna says:

Seek refuge in Him alone, O Arjuna, with all your heart and faith. (18:62)

God’s grace flows towards everybody. God’s blessings are for everyone. When it is raining, one person may leave an empty glass outside to collect the water, and another a corked bottle. What can the falling water do? It will continue raining regardless. Similarly, God’s words and blessings are pouring down everywhere, but the mind needs to be opened more.

The attainment of devotion to God depends upon one’s capacity. To be worthy of God’s grace, one must become aware of His grace. God’s grace is always there. His grace falls on everybody at all times, but people do not realize it.