Medals for Yoga

18 March 2021

Respected Swamiji,

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that our son Jay Modak’s students have performed exceptionally in the National Table Tennis Championships, held at Abhay Prashal Indoor Stadium, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, in March 2021.

Sayali Wani, age 14 years, has won the National Sub-Junior Girls Table Tennis Championship and is ranked India No. 1 in her category of Sub-Junior Girls and won a Gold Medal!

Taneesha Kotecha, age 14 years, has performed exceptionally too. She too reached up to the Semi Final (Bronze Medal) in the Sub-Junior Girls category, and lost a very close match to Haryana State No.1 – Suhana Saini. Had she won, it would have been an all Nashik, Same Club – Jay Modak Table Tennis Academy Tournament! This would have been a record in history.

As it is, Sayali Wani winning this tournament has created history in Nashik. As it is after 70 years in the history of Nashik that anyone has won a National Medal.

The girls proceeded to participate in the Juniors and Youth Events too. That is under 17 years and under 21 years. Here too the girls performed very well. During their journey in this tournament (at National Level) they reached up to the Pre-Quarters and Quarters level. That is up to the top 16 and top 8. That was really amazing. On the way to this they upset senior players causing a furor in the tournament.

Yoga made the difference

Swamiji, the purpose of writing this letter, is to thank you profusely for your guidance.

We have had the fortune of attending your workshops: Lifestyle Yoga, Raj Yoga Yatra 1 and Raj Yoga Yatra 2. At the Raj Yoga Yatra 1 program, we had been given lots of books as prasad by your esteemed self. One was on Raja Yoga for Everyone. Within it I found a jewel chapter especially on sports. Therein you have mentioned that sportsmen should do surya namaskara, manipura shuddhi and trataka, regularly.

Swamiji the results that we see are because of the above, because of your esteemed self and your guidance.

We have noted that these girls even though extremely skilled and under a very good, dedicated and hard working coach – Jay Modak, were somehow missing putting in their best and getting desired results. Their temperament was questionable and thus they would lose.

This time after surya namaskara, manipura shuddhi and trataka, we saw them keeping their cool, not losing confidence and winning some unbelievable matches!

Sayali won her Gold, even though she was 10-9 down in the decider and her opponent was only 1 point away from the championship, still she stayed cool and took 3 consecutive points to grab the gold.

Swamiji, thank you once again. Words fail us; we are unable to express our gratitude to you in words.

With lots of respect and regards

The Modak family