Swami Sivananda Saraswati

The round of domestic duties has to be transformed into a spiritual process and become part of one’s sadhana. By making one’s essential attitude spiritual, one can divinize any work. The same framework of external physical attitude continues, but the work idea disappears and worship remains in its stead. Work is transmuted into worship through the spiritual approach and attitude towards it. Every act can be spiritualized when the motive becomes pure, and one is able to work for the well being of the world, lokasangraha.

A doctor working in a hospital should think that all the patients are manifestations of God. The body is the moving temple of God and the hospital is a big temple. He should say, “I am doing all my actions to please God, not to please my superiors.” He should say, “Om Tat Sat Krishnaarpanamastu, offering to Krishna, or Om Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamastu, offering to Brahma,” at the end of the day and at night when he retires to bed.

A person should think and feel that he lives, works and breathes only for God every second of his life, and that life is absolutely useless without Him. He should feel pangs of separation if he forgets Him even for a fraction of a second while at work and think that his hands are the hands of Lord Siva. In the beginning some actions may be selfish and others unselfish, but, in the long run, he can do all actions in an un selfish manner, though continuous scrutiny of his motives is necessary.

Acts like eating, walking, talking, breathing, sleeping and answering the calls of nature become yogic activities and work becomes worship.