Sixth International Day of Yoga – Impressions

One statement really struck me: ‘Without nature there is no humanity’. It is so obvious, yet very few pay attention to that fact. Indeed, we are part of Nature, all our activities, relationships happen within Nature. Nonetheless many of us are oblivious of that fact, arrogantly considering that we are the central point on Earth and that everything is turning around us. The etymology of the word environment is to turn around. Thank you very much for reminding us how vulnerable and dependent we are on the nature. We have to extend our awareness to everything around us, to respect and honour Mother Nature in all her aspects.

Sannyasi Shivatma, Bulgaria

The 6th International Day of Yoga was an inspiring, memorable day filled with beautiful moments. Gathering after a long time due to the pandemic all around the world, we lived a complete yogic day. For the first year we celebrated this day not only as a one-hour event but we lived the yogic principles ‘from moment to moment’ throughout the day, from sunrise, until the end of the day.

There was the feeling that we are all connected as one unit and the thread which always unites us, is the teaching of the

Sannyasi Tarpanvidya, Bulgaria

The celebration of the 6th International Day of Yoga 2020 was for me an exciting experience that filled my heart with joy, gratitude and hope. This yoga day is the new beginning of my yoga life. Following the sadhana given by Bihar School of Yoga the day was perfectly organized by the Yoga Centre ‘Sita-Ram’ and our teacher Swami Shruti Gnana Saraswati.

Thank you Swamiji for everything and for the rainbow.

Tatyana, Sofia, Bulgaria

I translated the BSY message on the occasion of IDY and put it online. I read the whole message and a yoga student performed the practices. It was so heart-touching that in less than three hours it spread all over Iran. People were so inspired that they translated different parts of this message and shared them in their groups.

We are honoured that we are connected with Satyananda Yoga and follow the mandate of Swami Niranjanji.

Sannyasi Sadhanabindu, Iran

I am currently deep into a nine-month personal sadhana which among other things includes losing 30 kg of weight, and transformation of my deeply rooted life and eating habits. Without much difficulty I managed to lose 20 kg so far, but then I hit a psychological and psychic barrier which I could not overcome no matter how hard I used to try.

After I did the IDY sadhana I passed through this obstacle, lost additional 2 kg next day and experienced a new dimension of physical and pranic strength that I have in me, and which I will develop further fiercely by continuing my sadhana. After the IDY sadhana my regular physical and yogic training improved substantially, and a new dimension of awareness about yoga dawned on me.

Goran Gligorijevic (Jiu-Jitsu fighter), Serbia

The process of IDY didn't start with the practices, but with reading the sadhana document. Reading about kshama and namaskar changed the perspective not only of this sadhana, but also of that day and the following days. Only thinking about it, made me feel smaller and more perceiving.

The completeness of this sadhana was felt some days later, when I did digital fasting. That day was the most special. I have noticed amazingly many thoughts and patterns that I would usually miss. I've realized that I am usually looking at my phone when uncomfortable thoughts step by. That day I was looking at my mind. The whole day was like antar mouna. A new sankalpa was born. Not having the phone throughout the day felt as if I was on vacation. Without the phone I tasted one shape of freedom, and inner happiness.

These days around IDY felt as if I was in the ashram. I felt closer to myself, more aware, more introverted. This was a reminder that ashram can be everywhere, every day, with the right attitude, sankalpa and faith.

Jignasu Devamitra, Serbia

We celebrated 6th International Day of Yoga 2020 as an online event for the local yoga aspirants. Two session were conducted one in the morning (for 2 hours) and one in the evening (for 1 hour).

  • The morning session was well attended by 50+ people along with the Mayor, City of Sunnyvale.
  • The evening session was in conjunction with the Consulate General of India, San Francisco, and they did facebook live and over 2 thousand people viewed.

Both the events started with kaya sthairyam and Om chanting. We played the International Day of Yoga message (powerpoint one – Sadhana part) from followed by asana, pranayama and yoga nidra practices.

At the end of the program we also shared Bihar Yoga Apps and websites and talked about the lifestyle program published at

Sajagmurti, USA