A Thank-You Letter

Respected Swamiji,

Thanks and gratitude to Swamiji for providing us the teachings of yoga. We all are imbibed with such an inspiration that will definitely be useful for our overall personality development. The yogas taught like bhramari, tadasana, kati chakrasana were easy to initiate and are very beneficial for increasing a student’s concentration power and physical development.

The motivational and inspirational speech that you gave us in which you talked about the significance of yoga in such an easy manner that the students were greatly inspired by you and have taken the initiative of practising yoga in their daily routine. In addition to it, the students were fascinated by the ‘Bal Yogis’ and felt quite easy and comfortable in their company. Their energy, zeal and enthusiasm motivated the students to follow and practise yoga.

Yoga nidra conducted by them was also a source of motivation, where the students found themselves in a relaxed and soothing environment. It helped them to be close to nature and themselves.

Swamiji and the Bal Yogis helped the students to clear their doubts and gave several remedies for the diseases which are common nowadays.

At last we would like to thank you on behalf of the whole DBDS family.


Students of DBDS

(Students Council, Dr Bansi Dhar School, Kota, Rajasthan)