BYMM at the Munger Yoga Symposium

Muskan, Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal (BYMM)

The Munger Yoga Symposium was a grand event attended by thousands of delegates from all over India as well as abroad. Everyone was very eager to know about the teachings of the second chapter of yoga in greater depth because yoga is such an important part of our lives. Innumerable problems and ailments can be eliminated through yoga. It is through yoga that one can access the highest experiences of the mind.

Just look at us children! We presented a play during the Munger Yoga Symposium which left the entire audience wonder struck. Our play was based on today's global environmental crisis of water and preventing the pollution of Ganga. Through the play, we showed people how they are wasting water, polluting Ganga and other rivers; how the entire environment is being poisoned by this.

The play culminated with a message which offered solutions - how all these problems can be reined in through yogic lifestyle and how we can infuse purity, cleanliness and prosperity into the environment by natural means. After watching our sensitive presentation, everyone had tears in their eyes. The message that we imparted through our play struck a chord in each heart. We compelled people to change their thoughts, attitudes and behaviour. Everyone in the audience was amazed by the simple and effortless manner in which we children captured and directed their attention to such important issues which otherwise are not even given a single thought by them.

We children do not know yoga very much apart from some practices of asanas and pranayama and yet our thinking has been so deeply influenced, our ability to express ourselves has expanded so much. Just imagine the quality of our society and environment if everyone makes yoga a part of their lives in the right manner! There will be positivity, creativity and joy all around!

We children are very grateful to Swamiji. Through the medium of yoga vidya, he transformed us from wild jungle shrubs into an exquisite garden of beautiful flowers.

A thousand thanks to Swamiji!