Munger Yoga Symposium

Thank you Swamiji for giving us an opportunity to attend the Symposium.

In the ashram everything was magical, some unseen shakti was driving the events from Pre-Symposium to Post-Symposium.

Everyone was doing their assigned duties to the best of their ability. So much so that even the flowering plants were in full bloom, adding to the beauty with divine aroma.

Freshly painted trees looked beautiful in their white dress as if performing yogasana in a disciplined way.

The Chhaya Samadhi was surrounded by a beautiful pandal representing all types of disciples, wearing their respective coloured dresses: white, yellow and geru. The place was radiating with divine energy. The atmosphere was charged.

Both groups, the blue and the red, were lucky to be there witnessing the unfolding of a new chapter. Living yoga and not just practising yoga, living yoga with awareness from moment to moment.

There was so much happening from morning to evening that we were literally in a state of bliss. Like a butterfly moving from one flower to another collecting the nectar of knowledge from one program to another.

The akhand kirtan allowed all of us to express our gratitude towards you.

The Satyam Prasad was another attraction. Sharing the vidya free of cost with everyone. The greatest learning for all disciples – share the know ledge without claiming the credit. Give, give and give. Now everything is freely available on the net.

The Munger kanyas and kumars were excellent in creating a drama. The script, the concept, direction, the stage décor – all was superb. Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal at its best.

The speakers from different countries were sharing their experiences. Their success stories, their struggle, their dedication to the Guru – all was very inspiring.

To top it all, Swamiji, your satsang. I felt blessed to be part of this group. Thank you again for doing so much for us.

Jignasu Nirmal Bhav, Mumbai

Thank You Swamiji

Thank you Swamiji for having me at the Symposium.

Thank you Swamiji for planting the seed of love in my heart.

I am taking care of it and hope it will sprout and grow.

Thank you Swamiji for destroying my ego.

Thank you Swamiji for helping me being aware.

Thank you Swamiji for the honour of greeting you every morning at the entrance of the Symposium with 'Hari Om' and wishing you a 'Happy Day'. Since then it has become my morning routine – wishing you a happy day every day.

Thank you Swamiji for all you have given me during the Symposium and during this year.

Thank you Swamiji for being my guru.

Bhaktitara, Switzerland