28 October 2018

Morning class - Blue group

Swamiji conducted the class of pawanmuktasana 1, which he called the foundation of Satyananda Yoga hatha yoga.

Then he gave a joined practice to the Blue and Red groups of nyasa yoga nidra.

At the end, Swamiji declared that the chapter of yoga propagation 'from door to door and shore to shore' was truly over and the second chapter was dedicated to living yoga 'from moment to moment'.

Afternoon class – Red group

Swami Shivadhyanam gave a summary of the practical teachings the delegates had received and how it could be incorporated into daily life.

Poornahuti of yajna

Swamiji distributed 'Seeds of Love' to all participants in the form of a fertile mixture of earth and tree seeds.

Evening program

The District Magistrate of Munger, Ananda Sharma, spoke to the audience on the importance of respect towards one another and towards nature.

The children of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal repeated their wonderful dance-drama performance to the theme of water, this time in Hindi.


This Munger Yoga Symposium was definitely a beautiful culmination of all the efforts Swamiji made in the last five years, since the World Yoga Convention, to bring forth again the wonderful concept and practices of the yoga chakra, which is the foundation of the Bihar Yoga tradition led by Swamiji. This yoga chakra was presented by Swamiji in a way that all of us were able to relate to and understand it.

I was fortunate to spend the weeks before the program at Ganga Darshan and participate in the last-minute preparations, which was in itself uplifting, being in the presence of Swamiji who created a benevolent, sattwic atmosphere for all activities. The program was full of unforgettable experiences and from those I would like to highlight one.

Many times before the sessions with Swamiji the chants of Adi Shankaracharya were played. One day, listening to a stotra a thought came to my mind. Shankaracharya during his life achieved amazing things with the help of his disciples.

So it came to my mind that Swamiji too needs and deserves good disciples, so he can also accomplish what he needs to. I felt the desire and inspiration to become better so I can help him and achieve the aspirations of the second chapter of BSY, to live a divine life by living yoga from moment to moment. This is the inspiration which I take from here.

Sannyasi Bhaktananda, Hungary

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Symposium. The clarity and focus of all proceedings and Swami Niranjan's presence created the conditions for everyone to personally connect with the vision of the second chapter of Satyananda Yoga. In a sense, I feel this second chapter is a new chapter in my life. Time to review the first chapter, keep only what is needed, and move into a new phase. Now the words of Swami Niranjan: seriousness, sincerity and commitment make real sense to me, as qualities necessary to be a small part of something immensely meaningful and helpful for the world.

Many things impressed me and they were insights and aha! moments from all the speakers. Two things I would like to mention: one Swami Niranjan's reverence to prana pratyahara. This got me thinking, what am I putting my energy into, where am I directing prana, where can I redirect prana. The need to withdraw prana from old, unnecessary, habitual or harmful thoughts and emotions, and 'feed' the positive, happy, supportive ones.

Two, at the end of every day, the pandits from the yajna came and everything that happened during the day was dedicated to Sri Swamiji. It all starts and comes full circle with the guru. Through the guru we are all connected and function. By increasing the awareness and feeling of guru's presence more and more in daily life, Swami Niranjan's yoga 'from moment to moment' makes perfect sense. I can't wait!

Swami Amritsagar, Greece

Within the first four days of the Munger Yoga Symposium, the seeds of the 2nd chapter, living yoga 'from moment to moment', was beautifully planted in us. The meaning of pratyahara and concepts of awareness and concentration were sown deep into our consciousness. For the first time the difference between classroom yoga and yogic lifestyle was understood. The hatha yoga practices for maintenance of the physical body have now become a tool for going deep into all pancha koshas and more of a mental practice. The role of yama and niyama to uplift and get us out of the trap of misery due to the six enemies has now become clear.

The beauty of the event was that relaxation and knowledge were present at the same time. Satyam Darshan showed films containing satsangs of Sri Swamiji and developments of yoga. Satyam Yoga Prasad was unique with a free selection of books, DVDs and CDs. The akhand kirtan was rejuvenating and positively charged the atmosphere. The quality of food served was a class of its own and also needs a special mention.

It was a life-changing event. Condensed in an unbelievable short span of time. A lot of planning, hard work and care has been taken to ensure 100% success. The 2nd chapter of yoga definitely is much more difficult, requiring a lot of effort and awareness in every moment. With the Guru's grace flowing in abundance, a new ray of hope is burning high, and I assure Guruji that we will give or 100% effort to move ahead in the direction shown, for this is perhaps the only way by which we can thank you and show our gratitude for such a commendable event.

Jyotimitra & Govindadas, Dhanbad

To have the opportunity to be with Swamiji for so much time during the symposium was a nourishing experience. I felt we were like an open book for him. He can read exactly what is going on within us, no matter how we want to appear. I also felt from Swamiji a pure flow of real love. The vibration of his voice, his smile, his attitude, his simplicity, his teachings, everything was full of love. Pure love is the all-pervading energy within Swamiji. I really felt welcome and belonging to this spiritual family. My heart on one side is crying because I am now leaving, but on the other side it is happy because the doors to come back will always be open.

Unforgettable are the mantras of the final pooja from the pandits. The mantras were like a sparkling and crackling fire reverberating in all our five koshas.

I want to thank from the depth of my heart Swamiji and all the swamis and people who made it possible to be part of this memorable and multidimensional event..

Swami Shaktidhara, Italy

From the moment of arrival at BSY I felt really welcome. All this fresh and new direction that Swami Niranjan pointed out came at the right moment. The inspiration was flowing constantly in an unceasing manner. The atmosphere was magic and the vibes of optimism gave a strong shake to my heart and mind. This good fortune to be here for this great event for sure will stay in my heart and mind for the rest of my life just like the day of my initiation. My gratitude and respect for the precious gift of the Symposium.

Om Murti, Greece