With Gratitude for Raja Yoga Yatra 1

Swami Divyaprema, France

The week has been rich in practices and experiences, the dimensions of raja yoga make us familiar with the different aspects of the practice - yamas, niyamas, pratyahara, the four levels of consciousness. We learn to become more aware of ourselves and our surrounding.

We need to make constant effort and feel concerned. It is our responsibility to cultivate our motivation. We must be conscious of the urgency there is in this patriarchal and warrior world to balance ida and pingala, to clear the pratyayas so that we can fill our minds and our behaviour in life with positivity.

Swamiji, thank you for the positivity you teach us. You are the best example and you give us the strength needed to change ourselves.

Ganga Darshan is smiling, beaming with happiness and a great sense of brotherhood exists here. May the traditional yoga of BSY fill the planet and become the culture of today.