Pawanmuktasana 1

Swami Kriyamurti Saraswati, Bulgaria

One day I was approached by a woman whose seventeen-year-old son was totally immobile, without sensitivity to the body, unable to speak. For three years, the family had tried everything. They had also gone to India for therapy. They continued to go for massages and rehabilitation two days a week, but without any particular change. The mother asked me for help. Initially I was sceptical, I had no experience with disabled people, I did not know what to do, and whether to try at all. However, I told myself that at least I could see him and let intuition tell me what to do.

2 May 2017 — I visited the family. I saw a large wheelchair that was made for the boy's whole body. He could not hold his head and hands on his own. The legs were also moulded. He was sweating abundantly. Out of his mouth came only incomprehensible sounds, but he was looking at me with wonderful, deeply conscious eyes. I decided to try.

Practice and result

We started with PM1. The mother observed the movements of the joints, while moving the various parts of his body. After the first week the boy became sensitive to one foot and began to make an effort to move it alone.

After the third week he became sensitive to the other leg and he began to make an effort to move it alone. He tried to talk. His hands began to relax from the blocked posture he had from the time of the crash.

After the fourth week he became sensitive in his hands. Meanwhile, his mother gave a yoga nidra for the body two to three times a week, and I had included him on my daily Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanting.

18 July 2017 — The result is the following: the large wheelchair has been replaced with a lighter one. The head is not supported. He moves the left leg alone about eight times during the practice, trying to do it with breathing. He moves the right foot alone about three to seven times. The rest of the practices are made by the mother. He can raise his legs about 20 to 25cm from the floor.

His mother told me, — I am very impressed and pleased! I noticed that after the morning practice he was having a calm day. There is reduced sweating and no spasms. The hands have less progress, but they still have some. He began to sing with the radio, which is also new. He is delighted to watch documentaries and music videos. He listens to a lot of radio and responds to comments, using words. Thanks for everything!

November 2017 — We have added TTK, sitting or lying down. He moves his left arm and shoulder alone. The right hip is also better. He bends the left knee alone. When he speaks, he makes meaningful sentences. A musician comes to him and he starts playing chords with his left hand.

For three years no muscle was functioning in the boy's body. He could not move; he could not speak. Now in seven months with yoga, his body has awakened to a new life. His mind seems to be born again. We continue the yoga practices with a lot of faith and great inspiration. I share this case with you because it can be useful to others.