Be Ever Alert

From Guru Bhakti Yoga, Swami Sivananda Saraswati

The captain of a ship is ever alert. A fisherman is ever alert. A surgeon in the operation theatre is ever alert. Even so a thirsting hungry disciple should be ever alert in the service of his Guru.


Humility and obedience are necessary for developing guru- bhakti.


Adaptability is a rare virtue or noble quality by which the disciple adapts or fits himself with his Guru, whatever his nature may be.


When the disciple does not know how to adapt himself with his co-disciples who are living under the same guru, friction comes and he will displease the Guru.


The disciple should have an attentive ear when he studies under a Guru and he should have an attentive eye when he serves him.


The Guru can know the nature of the disciple and the nature of his mind from his behaviour.


Behaviour is an expression of practical knowledge which is derived from the service of one’s Guru.


The disciple should not be whimsical when he serves his Guru.


In the service of Guru there is no such thing as menial service.


The disciple must use his common sense while serving his Guru.


An earnest and sincere disciple gives his whole heart and soul to the service of his preceptor.


When a disciple is serving under his Guru, he should never make others serve him. This is a great obstacle to grow in spirituality.


Serve your Guru humbly, willingly, unquestioningly, unassumingly, ungrudgingly, untiringly and lovingly.


Guru’s grace is inexhaustible, immeasurable and indescribable.