Remain Humble

From Essence of Yoga, Swami Sivananda Saraswati

A real yogi does not make any difference between menial and respectable work. It is only an ignorant man who makes such a difference.

Some aspirants are humble in the beginning of their spiritual career. When they get some name and fame, some followers, admirers, devotees and disciples, they become victims to pride. They cannot do any service. They cannot carry anything on their heads or hands. That yogi who carries a trunk on his head without the slightest feeling on the railway platform amidst a multitude of his admirers, disciples and devotees, without making any outward show of humility must be adored.

Sage Jada Bharata carried the palanquin of King Rahugana on his shoulders without murmuring. Sri Krishna shampooed the legs of a raja when his barber devotee was on leave. Sri Rama carried a pot of water for the ablution of one of his devotees. Sri Krishna took the form of a menial servant as Vithoo and paid the money to the Nawab on behalf of his devotee, Dhamaji. If you really want to grow on the spiritual path you must do all sorts of service daily until the end of life. Then only you are safe. Do not stop doing service when you have become a famous yogi. The spirit of service must enter every nerve, cell, tissue and bone of your body. It must be ingrained in you. Then only you will become a real full-blown practical Vedantin.

Is there any greater Vedantin or karma yogi than Lord Buddha? He still lives in our hearts because the spirit of service was ingrained in him and he spent his whole life serving others in a variety of ways. A magnanimous soul, one without a second! You can also become a Buddha if you apply yourself diligently to selfless service with the right mental attitude.

18 March 2012, Paduka Darshan, Munger