Be Busy

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

How do we use the energy that we get from the kriya yoga practices effectively into our daily life?

By good hard work. Don’t be lazy at home, don’t be lazy at work. That’s all. Keep yourself engaged; keep yourself busy, physically and mentally. In this way you will find that you will be more active, creative, focused and things will flow with greater ease. If you use the energy in meditation then you will get imbalanced.

A psychic energy has to be used through physical exercise. The energy which you develop in kriya yoga is psychic and that has to be used up through physical movements, through physical work, through physical involvement, through mental involvement, through external involvement. If you use that energy to deepen your meditation you will build up more energy and at one moment it will explode mentally, and then you are ft for a psychiatric case.

Therefore I am repeating that kriya yoga energy has to be managed through physical activity. On the day you do your kriya, you become more active physically and if there is not much physical activity, go for a long walk. Take a one-hour walk in the evening, a half-hour or a forty-minute walk. Move the body, move the body, move the body. That’s it.

11 August 2010, Ganga Darshan, Munger