From On the Wings of the Swan, Volume VI, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Only when we become pretence-free does peace come into our life. Otherwise, meditation will not give us peace. It might give momentary relief, like cool water in the middle of summer. However, if we practise meditation or yoga and yet do not let go of our pretences, whatever experiences we have can only be temporary. They do not become part of our understanding and experience of everyday life, but remain separate.

When all the pretences are removed and we become who we really are, the natural self, then we do not need to practise meditation. Meditation becomes part of our attitude, and that causes the dawn of peace in our life.

The emergence of inner peace enables us to feel harmony with nature at the outer level also. We are always worried about our limited relationships with our fellow beings: children, husband, wife, friends, society, yet these relationships are self-oriented.

We have a much bigger relationship with the divine spirit and the transcendental nature. If we can really see this, and appreciate and acknowledge this relationship that we as individuals all share with the entire universe, with nature, with the transcendental reality called God, then our life becomes fulfilled. We connect with that source of strength and care, and the force of optimism.

Then we can devote ourselves to uplifting others through wisdom, applying our knowledge in behaviour and attitude, and in that way help to fulfil the vision of the ancient seers.

11 May 2004