Two Noble Qualities

From the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Perseverance is continued application to anything which one has begun. It is the spirit of persisting till success is attained.

Perseverance is steadfast pursuit or execution of a resolution or course marked out. It is persistence in purpose and effort. It is a kind of assiduous endeavour. God readily helps those who persevere. If you have perseverance, you can easily accomplish all that you wish.

That which distinguishes the strong from the weak, is the tendency to persevere, to persist in spite of all hindrances, obstacles, discouragements and seeming impossibilities.

A man of perseverance never meets with failure. He always attains success in all his undertakings. With steady perseverance, great difficulties come to an end. When you start any work, you should not leave it till you attain complete success. Pursue it resolutely.

A man of diligence, vigilance and strong resolution grows into a genius. The nerve that never relaxes, the eye that never blinks, the thought that never wanders – these are the true masters of true victory. Victory belongs to those who are most persevering. Perseverance gives us power over our weakness and takes us from poverty to wealth.


Patience is a noble quality born of purity. No success, either in the material world or on the spiritual path, is possible without it. Patience develops the will. Difficulties do crop up at every stage, but these must be overcome through patient effort and perseverance.

The success of Mahatma Gandhi was due to these qualities. He was never discouraged by failures. All the great persons of the world have achieved fame, great success and eminence through perseverance and patience. You too will have to develop these virtues slowly.

A patient man always keeps his head cool. He keeps a balanced mind. He is not afraid of failure and difficulties. He finds out methods to get himself strengthened. For the practice of concentration of mind, one should have unyielding patience. Many people are discouraged when they encounter some difficulties and give up the work as hopeless. This is very bad. Aspirants should not give up their sadhana if they encounter any trouble or difficulty.

Ants collect particles of sugar and rice and store them up. How patient and persevering they are! In the Bible, you will find the words: “Go to the ant, thou sluggard, and observe its ways and be wise!”

A patient man cannot get irritated even a bit. Patience helps a man in the conquest of temper. It gives immense strength. Do all the routine tasks of the day patiently. Virtues develop slowly. Be eager to develop them. Have the mental image of ‘Om patience’ in your mind. The habit will slowly develop.

Meditate on these virtues in the morning. Try to do all the actions of the day patiently with intense application and perseverance.