One-Year Diploma Course 2015–2016

If there is a will, there is a way. This sentence became alive for me, when I stepped in the Ganga Darshan ashram for the one-year diploma course.

I didn’t come here to learn yoga only but somewhere I wished to have an experience of yogic life and I had the desire to assimilate yogic sadhana in my own life. I came here to filter my whole personality.

The whole ashram life was like a mirror for me, in which I could see my own shortcomings and conditions and I also learnt to overcome them through different yoga techniques which are taught here.

Sannyasi Sukirti, Rajnandgaon, India

This place is like a mother’s womb for me, where I stayed for ten months and took a new birth with the help of each and everyone. I too struggled a lot like a baby does inside the womb.

Swami Niranjan was the main person who took care of my each and every breath and kept nourishing me with his satsang, his love, his acceptance and by tolerating my odds.

Whatever good or bad situation we faced, was because of our deeds, expectations, luxury and dissatisfaction.

Bidula Ghosh, Kolkata, India

I am Bandana Thapa from Kathmandu, Nepal. I can still feel the cosmic energy of Swamiji in the land of Nepal when he came to Kathmandu two years ago. From the first glance I was fascinated with the scientific and practical, balanced and overall concepts of Satyananda Yoga. I took mantra diksha in Nepal from Swamiji as well, then my curiosity led me towards Munger and Ganga Darshan ashram.

Doing my regular karma yoga I could feel very relaxed and I could observe myself. During such work I could feel irritation with bad speech, but I did not get angry nor did I say back any words. Instead, I saw myself and I saw my anger, my jealousy, greed, and so on very clearly. I give thanks to all who made me see my anger, jealousy, greed hidden within me.

Jignasu Moun Vilas, Nepal