Namaskara Yoga

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

There is no harm in prostrating before all, for all are manifestations of the Lord. I do prostrations even to cow-dung, for everything is Brahman. Even before donkeys and other animals, I do mental prostrations. To my disciples and devotees, I first do namaskara. I behold the Essence behind all names and forms. That is real Vedanta in daily life.

Doing prostrations is by itself a sadhana, namaskara sadhana. You should not think, ‘He is a thief, he is a wicked man.’ Sri Krishna Himself has said, Dhyutam chalayatam asmi – ‘I am the gambling of the cheat.’ By doing prostrations, good health is acquired and life is prolonged. There was a Maharashtra saint who used to prostrate before asses and horses. Once he prostrated before a dead ass and the ass came back to life. Such is the power of namaskara.

You may not actually prostrate, but are you ready to do prostrations to pigs, bulls, asses? All are manifestations of God. So you should have the readiness to prostrate before all. There should not be any inner conflict. Your prostrations should be wholehearted and sincere.