Evolution and the Laws of Nature

From Karma Sannyasa, Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Why should we speed up the process of evolution by practising yoga? Isn't this going against nature's way?

Nature's laws are flexible. Nature is not a military dictator. Nature has certain laws and you can participate in those laws. You can accelerate the speed of your evolution according to the laws of nature. You are not opposing them by participating in them. For instance, say you have a sixty or one hundred watt bulb but you want more light, what do you do? You take a holder, adapt it, and then connect the cable. But if you have a very big machinery plant which requires three kilowatts of energy and you connect it with that, all the lines will get fused. So, opposing the laws of nature is not good, but you can participate in these laws.

Nature has the possibility of acceleration within its system. An example of accelerating the laws of nature is the conversion of uranium into nuclear energy. Before uranium is converted into nuclear energy, it has to fulfil many conditions of transformation. If you know what those conditions are, uranium can be immediately turned into nuclear energy. Uranium is matter. It has within itself the nucleus of potential energy. It is a type of protomatter. It has space and time, plus and minus energy. In the centre is the nucleus, which we call matter.

Even if you do not produce nuclear energy from uranium, during the course of two or three billion years it will naturally begin to radiate nuclear energy. However, if the process which ordinarily takes place in uranium matter over three billion years is known by man, then he can accelerate it. This is not opposing nature; it is only exploiting the laws of nature. Similarly, practising yoga is not opposing nature, but exploiting and utilizing the natural laws. Allowing evolution to go along at its natural speed is ignorance of these laws.

Is there an end to human development or evolution?

Human evolution is infinite like a circle. Is there an end to a circle? Itzak Bentov, a scientist who was behind many new and revolutionary discoveries, wrote a book called Stalking the Wild Pendulum. In it he agrees completely with this concept. At the ultimate point of evolution an individual goes out of the structure and becomes the creator.

Such individuals are called the junior creators. Gurus are junior creators. When their evolution has reached a certain point, they come out. This is also how evolution takes place in the material universe. When the energy evolves, at a particular point of evolution it issues forth and becomes another creative energy. We call it co-creator energy. This is the theory of avatars and gurus.

There are many mysteries in this life and our generation is not going to unveil them all. We must first develop proper channels of expression to reveal these mysteries and increase our capacity to understand them.