Satsang with Children

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

When you were our age, what did you want to become?

When I was of your age, I wanted to become an army general. Instead of becoming an army general, I became a sannyasi general.

Why have you chosen yoga as your lifetime mission?

With yoga I can serve and help many more people than through any other profession. Doctors only look after their patient, other people only look after their associates, but a sannyasi is connected with everyone in society. Therefore as sannyasi I have a better chance to serve and to love everyone.

What are the favourite things you like to do in your free time?

My favourite thing which I like to do in my free time is to sing, play music and dance. Even Krishnaji used to love music and he used to love dancing. So, I try to follow the teaching of Krishnaji.

What makes you really happy?

When I see everybody smile, I become very happy.

What makes you angry?

Indiscipline makes me angry. When people are not disciplined and misbehave with every other person – that makes me angry. I feel that nobody should misbehave with anyone, rather we should learn to respect everyone. So when there is no respect and people misbehave then I become angry.

What have you put on your forehead? What does it mean?

This is, you know, like you have a One Star General, Two Star General, Three Star General, I am a Three Stripe General. These stripes mean that I am making an effort to conquer myself, to become victorious over myself, over my negative and restrictive behaviour and tendency. They remind me that I have to become good, I have to become better, I have to become happy, I have to become joyful. These stripes are a constant reminder for me to always be happy.

What has been your greatest source of knowledge, your guru or traveling around the world?

Both. My guru gave me knowledge yet I was able to put that knowledge into practice and gain much more from experience when I traveled around the world. At school, the teacher tells you what is happening here and there and everywhere, however when you travel and experience it makes your life richer. So, the source of my knowledge was my guru and the human society of the world.

What thought or saying has been an inspiration for your life?

My Guru once told me that when people have problems, they are looking for solutions. Then he said that in life there are no simple solutions, only intelligent choices.

What habit of your guru did you like best?

I loved my guru without observing his habits. Just as you love your parents and don't care what their habit is. In the same manner I also loved my guru and I never noticed what his habits were, for I was not looking for that; I only wanted to love him and receive his love.

Did you know that you will become such a famous Swamiji and teach yoga to lakhs of people?

Yes, I did.

What is diksha?

Diksha in English is known as initiation. This is a way by which we can become a genius in life by awakening the power of the mind. So, we can become a genius like Einstein and that is diksha.

Do you have any message for the children?

Yes, one small message for you. Do you know how to laugh? Hm? You know how to laugh?

Children: Yes.

Then promise me one thing: you will laugh every day. OK? Do you know how to love?

Children: Yes.

Then promise me one thing: that you will love everyone every day. And do you know how to live?

Children: Yes.

So, laugh daily, love daily and live properly.

20 September 2014, Tyagaraj Sports Stadium, Delhi, India