An Invitation

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

My work is to guide you so that you find the solution by yourself. During this week in Salt Lake City and at the Netaji Subhash Stadium, I had the opportunity to talk to you about the principles of yogic philosophy in my tradition.

I do not talk about yoga, but about the teachings of yoga given in our tradition. I am not a guru. I have a guru whose teachings I propagate. This is not my research. This is the direction and path, process and method given by my guru which I am putting in front of you. Therefore, always see me as a disciple. I am what I am irrespective of what you want me to be. I have my identity and that identity is my life. Who am I? I am a disciple.

Being a disciple, we are co-travellers on the spiritual path. Everyone is travelling together. Someone is sitting in a train coach which is moving behind, and someone is sitting in a coach which is moving ahead. Not everyone can enter and be accommodated in the same coach. The fact is each one of us wants to reach the goal of our life. Then why not march forward on this path with zeal, with joy, and holding hands together. Actually this is my wish.

I pay my tribute and regards to the way you have shown cooperation and have contributed to this program. I invite you all to experience my tradition and the teachings of my guru at least once.

30 July 2014, Netaji Subhash Stadium, Kolkata, India