The God Particle

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Recently research has been conducted on the God particle. There is a website called 'The Vedic Rishis Say I Told You So' where it says that science and spirituality are complementary to each other. The positive side of science is complementary to spirituality, and the material side of science is necessary for the world. Here I am using the word science not as material science, rather as the subject of realizing life.

God gene

The God particle is a question of scientific research. According to the Vedas, Upanishads and scriptures the God particle is inherent in each and every one. Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita says: "My own part goes to this world. My part, which goes to the world, is eternal," and this actually indicates that the God gene is in you.

Parental genes are present in you. Until today you know only about your parental genes. Going back towards your first forefathers, their genes will also be present in you. Going back further, when elemental combination started taking place, those genes involved in DNA formations at that time are also present in you. What you call atma and its experience inside this body is also due to a certain reason. Some trigger points are there, which make you experience consciousness.

You have the experience of consciousness in this life due to a genetic response. This is known in our shastras as the God particle, your own indestructible and immortal part. Today that imperishable part in the form of the God particle is being searched for inside you.

A product of lila

People who are unable to comprehend that imperishable part try to see a soul inside the body. The imperishable part that has been discussed in our shastras as God who is present in every particle is not a philosophical statement. It is a realization of the presence of the highest quality of gene inherent in every part of creation.

The realized sages have said that God is inside you. If God is inside you then the way to search him is inside your heart and inside your mind, yet the search to find him can also be tried in your genetics. That possibility is also there, who knows.

This is the truth and I believe that there will come a time when we will be able to discover the original combination of genes that gave birth to this creation. Then we will realize that we are not born today. We are the product of this cosmic play which is known as lila.

This is not only lila, not a reflection of philosophy, this lila happens continuously at the cosmic level. The formation of galaxies, stars, novas, red holes, black holes, universes, and so on are lila. They are formed by nature's combination. This life is also a gift of nature in which a person can have the experience of consciousness, spirit, God, life. Therefore, it is said that attaining a human form of life is an achievement in itself, as it provides this possibility.

30 July 2014, Netaji Subhash Stadium, Kolkata, India