Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal

Children from Chennai

On 14th February, children from seven schools in Chennai treated the ashram residents and guests to a humorous and inspiring presentation. The children illustrated their depth and breadth of knowledge on various topics of yoga, ecology and social issues through speeches, asana demonstrations and drama. In 2013, the children participated in the Chennai Yoga Festival that had been organized in 27 schools.

Bal Yoga Diwas

On 15th February, Bal Yoga Diwas, Children's Yoga Day, was celebrated at Ganga Darshan. The Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal (BYMM) children presented a drama based on the Satyam Tales publication, Great Escapes, depicting events in the life of Sri Swamiji. The presentation was a colourful and engaging combination of narration, karate, yogasana, dance and chanting. The performance was enjoyed by the residents and guests of the ashram as well as the children's parents. Swami Niranjan explained the purpose of BYMM and said that the second generation of children from Munger district have joined the movement, imbibing its three sankalpas: positive samskaras, self-reliance and independence, and love for the culture of the land.